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Parent’s Day Out

Welcome to Sharon Baptist Church Parent’s Day Out Program. We are so thankful you have chosen our program to care for and love your child and family.

Our Mission:

The Parent’s Day Out Program is a ministry of Sharon Baptist Church that strives to positively impact the community by providing children with excellent care in a safe, secure, and loving Christian environment.

Our Goals:

Have questions? Contact our PDO director Konnie Evans by clicking HERE



Registration is now open for our School Year 2022-2023 Session!

Click here to register today!

You can also view our full registration packet HERE! (Please note that the online registration form above, and not the full registration packet, must be filled out for your space to be counted)


Our PDO program has classes to accommodate children from 4 Months Old to Pre-Kindergarten.  The following milestones must be reached for consideration for certain classes:

Classes                                Ratio                              Milestone                             

4 – 8 Months Class                2:6                            4 Months Old

9 – 12 Months Class              2:8                           Mobile/Sitting up

Toddler 1 Class                       2:12                          Walking/Self-Feeding

Toddler 2 Class                       2:14                          Potty Training in Progress

Preschool 1 Class                   2:18                          3 Years Old (Potty Trained)

Preschool 2 Class                  2:20                          4 Years Old (Potty Trained)                           

Pre-K Class                              2:20                          turning 5 before 8/15/23           

SCHOOL YEAR 2022 – 2023

Annual Registration Fee: (Non-Refundable) $75.00 upon enrollment

Activity Fee: (Non-Refundable) $25.00 Activity Fee


Choice of Monday/ Wednesday or Tuesday/ Thursday or any 1 day*

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

*Based on availability.


4 – 12 Months Classes = 2 Days per week/Monthly Tuition =   $165.00 

                                     1 Day per week/Monthly Tuition =     $115.00


Toddler 1 and up =      2 Days per week /Monthly Tuition =   $155.00   

                                  1 Day per week/Monthly Tuition =     $100.00

*Each additional sibling receives a $20.00 discount on monthly tuition.


June 7-July 28, 2022 (closed July 5th & 7th)

4 months – Pre-K

Please note that registration for our Summer Session is now full. You can still register for our waitlist by clicking the link below (no deposit is due while on the waitlist)

Summer Session Tuition: $300 (sibling discount – $25 credit per additional child)

Click here to register for our Summer session!

All participants will need to fill out the full enrollment form.

 *Space is limited

Interested in working in our PDO program? We are currently hiring for our Summer and School sessions. Please e-mail our PDO director Konnie Evans for more information at