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Tithes and offerings not only help support our local church, but more importantly the mission work our church does (and supports) throughout the community, state, nation, and world

In 2 Corinthians Paul gives us a great reminder of the call of stewardship to the Church. He says these words: “The person who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and the person who sows generously will also reap generously. Each person should do as he has decided in his heart—not out of regret or out of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make every grace overflow in you, so that in every way, always having everything you need, you may excel in every good work.”
– 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

There are a few different ways you are able to give. As always, you can give financially while at the church using cash or checks. People are given an opportunity to give during the Sunday School hour and as an act of worship during the morning service.

We also offer a few different ways to give online. First, you can give through the church website. It’s easy to sign up and doesn’t take much time. You can also give through our mobile giving app, available for both Apple and Android devices, just search for “EasyTithe”.

By being able to give online now, you can set up how often you want to give, how much you want to give, and where you want to give to.

I encourage all of you to pray about how God is calling you to give and be a faithful and obedient steward in our mission of making disciples. For more information, you can go to the church website, or ask one of our staff members.

Online Giving Guides

Getting Started:

• Would you like to give without setting up a donor account? Click “Quick Give”.
• First Time Donor? Click “First Time” and setup your Donor Profile.

• Already a registered donor? Simply enter your Email and Password.
• Forget your password? Click “Forgot Password”.

Setting Up Your Donor Profile:

• Enter your email address and password.
• Password must be at least 8 characters and must contain a combination of letters and numbers.
• Remember these login credentials! You will need them to access your Donor Profile.

One Time Gift – Cards:

• Login by entering your email address and password.
• Select which fund you would like to donate to from the drop down list.
• Enter your donation amount.
• Add your card information and billing details.
• Click “Submit” to process your donation.

One Time Gift – eChecks:

• Login by entering your email address and password
• Select to “Use Check” located at the top right of your screen or select ACH/eCheck from the drop down menu
• Select which fund you would like to donate to from the drop down list
• Enter your donation amount
• Add your bank account information
• Click “Authorize” to submit donation

Automatic Recurring Donations – Cards:

• Login by entering your email address and password
• Select “Scheduled Giving” on the left hand navigation
• Select which fund you would like to donate to from the drop down list
• Enter your donation amount
• Select the frequency, number of installment and start date
• Add your card information and billing details
• Click “Activate Schedule” to start your recurring donation schedule

App Giving Guide

Getting Started:

• Launch the app store from your device and search for the EasyTithe app.
• Make sure your location services are turned ON. When you launch the app, you can search for your organization by typing the organization name and/or zip code, or choose to search for organizations near you.
• Login or create a donor profile to give to your organization
• Once logged in, make a donation by tapping the “+” icon.

Giving a Donation:

• Enter your donation amount.
• Select which fund you would like to donate to from the drop down list.
• Select Payment Method
• Tap “Add new payment method” and add your card information and billing details or use the “Quick Scan” feature to scan your card information. You can also input your bank account and routing number if your organization is accepting ACH/eCheck donations.
• Choose your recurrence. You can give a one-time donation or setup a recurring donation from this menu.
• Tap “Give” to process your donation

Other Features:

• You can view your contribution history by tapping the History tab.
• Donor profile settings can be adjusted by tapping the Settings tab.
• Payment methods can be updated here.
• Personal information (name, address) and Account details (email, password, and security pin) can be updated in this tab as well.

Mobile Giving Tips:

You can also use your mobile browser to give. You can visit your organization’s giving portal using your mobile browser on your smartphone or tablet to give via the mobile friendly giving website.

Give Online Here